Yes, we provide enhanced digital cable and hi-speed internet.

We will allow someone else to be the lease holder to your apartment while you are listed as an occupant in the apartment if you do not qualify. This person will be responsible for the rent and the apartment; you will be listed as living there.

Yes, there are washers and dryers hook-ups in each unit.

No, we do not have model apartments because we offer over 14 floor plans.

We do not have separate buildings for smoking.

We are privately owned and have 224 apartments in our community.

  1. No unregistered vehicles, boats, motor homes, trailers or large commercial vehicles are to be parked within the apartment community.
  2. Any vehicle that is improperly parked may be removed at owner’s expense.
  3. All residents and their guests must observe the posted speed limit and various traffic signs.
  4. Under no circumstances will the repair of vehicles be allowed on the property.
  5. Residents must place all trash in proper disposals as directed.
  6. All vehicles must be kept off the lawn and sidewalks even during move-in or move-out.
  7. Garage doors should be closed and locked when the resident is not in the vicinity.
  8. Because of the increased risk of fire, no grilling or barbecuing can be permitted on the second floor balcony. Downstairs residents may use grills on patio furthermost from building and away from columns.
  9. Balconies and patios are not to be used as storage areas. No clotheslines allowed. Do not drape clothing or towels over rails.
  10. All sidewalks must be kept clear of any obstruction including bicycles and toys.
  11. Please be considerate of your fellow community residents by keeping noise to a minimum after 9:00 pm. Please do not run your washer, dryer or dishwasher after 11:00 pm or before 9:00 am. Loud music, inside or outside, is not allowed at any time.
  12. Residents are not allowed to change their apartment locks for any reason. Management must at all times have access for emergencies to any dwelling in the community.
  13. Any resident who may travel during cold months must maintain an adequate temperature to keep pipes from freezing. These rules and regulations are certainly not meant to impede our community’s residents from enjoying life. We impose these rules for the betterment of a comfortable lifestyle for the majority of our residents. We want you to be proud of your community, not embarrassed by it.
    Management reserves the right to change or modify the rules and regulations contained herein. These rules and regulations shall be binding on all heirs, executors, administrators, successors and/or assigns of both parties hereto.
    Please note that residents are advised to secure a renter’s insurance policy as landlord is not responsible for any loss incurred by resident regarding his or her personal property.
    This list of rules and regulations is a rider to the Lease Agreement made between the Landlord and the Apartment Resident(s). For further information please contact the property manager. Thank you.

We contract out for all snow removal throughout the property.

There is no additional fee for trash removal. The trash receptacles are discretely located behind a fenced in area in the center of the community. There are recyclable bins that are clearly marked.

Our fitness center is accessible 24/7/365 with a pass code for the keypad.

Our pool is open in May and closes in September and is here for your enjoyment seven days a week 8 a.m. until dusk.

A $35.00 non refundable application fee per applicant

We do a credit/background check

We do a residency and employment verification

Security Deposit of 1 Month +$29 within 72 hours of approval

One pet per apartment is allowed. There is a $500.00 one time non-refundable pet fee. We also have a weight and breed restriction and require a statement of inoculations from the vet.

We have a large variety of residents from college students and young professionals to families and retired couples.

We have holiday parties in our Community and we try to have a Happy Hour the second Friday of most months.

We have parking lots outside of every building. No assigned spaces.

There are garages available for an extra monthly fee and Phase II units have attached garages.